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Full text of "Deed, Joshua Warner, Williamsburgh, to Elijah Morton, 1786"

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KNOW all Men by thefe Prefents 
That «/ IoSK+lo' wii^r *^<0tM 

\a Confideration of ^&iS&n&f /%*~*t*>>tJ ** 

Lawful Money, paid <m^ £j ££&<*>£ */%r/€*** "/ 

, */ ST<?* 


the Receipt whereof %/' do hereby acknowledge, do hereby give, 
gr$nt, fell and convey unto the faid ?/*y% ft tSfo^/fc-rt ty Ai i ne. 

iZJZ *0 .V„J2-J&ti £/~ r y 6J>*A'MM~> 



t'a Have and to Hold, the fame to the faid ^«y *^? i/fhn/& 
/vw' Heirs and Affigns, to>*^/ /7 ^^Ufe and Behoof forever* 

faid £ui'<x^> c f/<ry£ 


nd 1/ do covenant with theJaid £Cty &Sft iz/^^^i 
f Heirs and Affigns, that«x<3-o»-» lawfully feized in Fee. of the 
Prcmifes, that they are free of all Incumbrances, that*/ have good 
Right to fell and convey the fame to the faid £&*'err} <//^W^-*» 

>nd J' 
fyv* Heii 

warrant and defend the fame to the faid 



And that {^' will war 
>**/ Heirs and Affigns forever, againfr the lawful Claims and Demands 

JQ£) Ok, ^Jj^^C^JgG^ 

//Tc-eft4-r"P/ J^/i*' ♦ «-/*> f 

% qni+cfai/n" 

^WifAj^ 9/U-hf ion 

■■ * ■■ / ' 




'ss v> &n^-*- 

<3 r a : &&?' fjL^*J 

^ 7-r 7 ^ ~r& £■